I’m Matyas Mihalka. I live in Prague, where I develop the future.

I'm a naturally curious and adventurous person who loves discovering how things function. Since I have a knack for solving problems, I've always been drawn to the exciting challenge of understanding how different processes work.

My curiosity also extends to the outdoor world. I love to travel and explore new places, with road trips across the US, visits to national parks and traveling across Europe being some of my favorite adventures.

Aside from exploring the great outdoors, I am also a sports enthusiast, with a particular love for tennis. I enjoy the physical and mental challenges that come with the sport, as well as the opportunity to compete against others.

My passion for understanding how things work isn’t limited to the physical world. I’m also a fan of developing new applications and providing users with a seamless and intuitive experience. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of creating something that makes people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.